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Twinkle StarThis page is dedicated to HoTaMaLes, a study group from the Virtual University class "HTML and Web Design".

We are a group of students of all ages and backgrounds from around the world who have never met in person -- we have only communicated with each other via our      Twinkle Star
computers while trying to master the art of HTML. We decided the best way for you to get to know us better is to visit our hometowns and see where we come from -- hence, the name Cyber Chamber of Commerce.

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So sit back, relax, and let us take you on a
virtual tour of our favorite places.

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Click on the icons to begin your journey----

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*As of April 6, 2002, the following student's links were no longer working:
Alberta, Canada (Colin) -- ""
Hillsborough, NJ (Rona) -- " 8801/hillsboro1.html"
Pittsburgh, PA (Dena) -- ""
Houston, Texas (Vivian)-- " default.html"
Arvada, CO -- ""
WebTech -- ""

Click rose Alberta, Canada Click flag Arvada, CO
Click H Hillsborough, NJ Click star Hollywood, CA
Click lizard Houston, TX Click shell Manila, Philippines
Click football Pittsburgh, PA Click star San Antonio, TX
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world map

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Our sincere thanks to:
go to Ghatten's PageGhatten go to Virtual UniversityVirtual University go to Web Tech's pageWebTech
Visit the websites of our classmates at The Battered Book

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This "Beginning HTML and Web Design" class has been offered by
Virtual University since the Fall of 1996.

Some of the work from previous classes can be found at Links to Student's Pages


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